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Getting into digital marketing can feel like taking a diveinto the unknown for a lot of small business owners,especially if you don’t spend all your time onlineyourself. But relax. Nobody starts at the deep end,nobody has all the answers before they begin and, evenbetter, getting going is probably cheaper and quickerthan you might think.Speaking of budget, there’s plenty you can do in therealms of digital marketing without spending a penny– but when it comes to reaching new audiences, that’swhen a little budget can go a long way. Every part ofyour digital marketing is a great opportunity to learnsomething – so it’s all about starting small, testing,learning, and growing over time.In this guide, we’re going to take you through the easyaccessways to get started – from making the most ofsearch engines to buying your first online ads.

All the channels will be familiar to you – Facebook,Twitter, Google, email and your own website – but we’llgive you the steps you need to feel confident you’retesting and investing in the way that’s right for youand the growth of your business.

What you’ll find in this guide has a lot to do with whatwe call inbound marketing – the tactics you can use toattract, convert, close and delight visitors to your website,social and blog.Digital platforms are great for this because we nowhave more ways, places and routes to attract peopleto visit our website where, we hope, they’ll become ourcustomers. We can also be much more creative with thiskind of marketing – it’s not just about what we think of astraditional outbound marketing activity.It’s your website, blog and social media channels thatare at the heart of any digital marketing plan – so alwayskeep in mind that you’re optimizing for these destinationswhen planning digital marketing tactics.We hope this guide gives you what you need to get going,but if you’d like a little more of an in-depth introduction,check out Hubspot’s certification in Inbound Marketing.