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Obstacles that content marketers will face in 2019

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Obstacles that content marketers will face in 2019

Why content marketing?

“Market your content, itis time well spent!”.  Content marketing is important, but dressing up the content in ways that attract customers, is equally, if not more important. What would be the use of a beautiful suit lying in the closet, if you don’t wear it and show itoff? Good content is also a magnet for brand ambassadors and sponsors. 

What are the limits?

Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits”. In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, the importance of content cannot be expressed in words. It involves planning, creating and executing content with a flourish. Churning out content within the constraints of time, quality and credibility could  sometimes be taxing, even if interesting. Moreover, how to stay at the top of the ladder, keeping in mind the varying audience and media platforms? A consensus shows that greater than 2 million blogs are posted every single day around the world.  Then, how do you keep the content you post original, viral and lasting? How do you notice the type of blog to post, in order to attract the crowd? How much time should you invest into marketing, and what would the ROI be?

  1. Time

“Time is prime, use it wisely”. While it is good to have many goals, wanting to finish all of them all in a day is impractical and ironically also a waste of time.

Rather than having a full calendar on each day, spread the goals within a time limit, incorporating relaxation time also. Give allowance for writer’s block. Organize your work and segregate it into parts, keeping the easy ones for the last. Divide your time between the various media platforms-focusing on social media alone is not going to help spread awareness. Instead of aiming to start a particular process and finish it on the same day, split the work into a few days-do different kinds of process (eg., writing blogs and marketing) on the same day, to avoid monotony and boredom. Allot a particular time frame for each work and stop when the time is over. As tempting as it may be to do it in between, leave editing for last and concentrate on the main work ie., writing. Keep the process going and don’t allow distractions. Develop real-time interactions with people (through meetings and events) and maintain contact. Also respond to the viewer’s comments and engage with them to authenticate your site.

  • Competition

“To compete, you have to be on your feet!”. Managing competition is a challenging business in itself. When numerous people around the world maybe writing on the same topic, at the exact time that you are, how to maintain originality? If your company is not already famous, how to get there, in power with the competitors?

The key is quality- in the long run, people are more attracted and willing to stay with good content. Know your competition- use their strategies against them; are they posting on a particular day? Post the day before them; do they use lots of pictures? Use videos that are more interactive. Target a different and larger audience- make your content versatile and attractive to all age-groups.  Allow the big players in the industry to serve as influencers -find out their strategy-try to improve on it and customize it. Make your motto- “Personalize to be wise”. Conduct incognito reviews to determine what the people feel about your company and the competitors’. Analyze and compare the keywords of yours and your competitor’s website and determine which words are catchy. Check their paid marketing tool and use similar or better ones. “Own the competitor, cause a stir!”

  • Insufficient resources

With enough resource, there is no remorse”. Not only time, but a certain amount of money needs to be invested to get your business up and running. If you wish to focus on writing alone, you need to pay someone to handle the marketing. If you wish to go solo, time and money will unfortunately be inversely proportional, and this takes effort. Moreover, paid marketing is important, as organic marketing alone is not enough these days.

Even though the initial investment into the business will be high, it is worth it in the long run. Once other companies start posting advertisements on your page, the ROI is achieved. Rather than marketing your content in the layman’s world, invest your time and effort into targeting professionals in the field- get recognized. Rub shoulders with the bigshots in the industry, by organizing events (limit the number of these, to bring down the expenses). Allow your page to be free and open to the public as this attracts more viewers. Make sure that your employees are talented and complete the work within the time frame allotted to them. Outsource only in scenarios of time crux (eg., during an event when there are many clients).

  • Generating traffic

While traffic is frowned upon on the road, with smoke churning vehicles, online traffic is desired, and quite wily!. With the high competition in the industry, the demand for your content may decrease, and with it, your income. The number of platforms, both online and offline, for people to voice their opinions and post blogs, are also increasing, and keeping people hooked onto your website, is more difficult.

To generate traffic, here’s a good trick!-produce more videos. People are largely a visual society and what they see retains for a longer time in their minds. Moreover, even people who cannot read or write can understand the concept by viewing images and colorful videos, thereby increasing your audience. Surveys have shown that as much as 68% of youngsters today prefer to use mobile phones compared to other devices- the reason being, they are more “mobile”!. Make all your content mobile friendly, and have people check out your content even on the go!.  Facebook is nearly on power with Google as a tool for people to view content. Indiscriminately sharing your content on Facebook and reaching users worldwide is thus a good tactic. “Once you create traffic, make it stick!”- create feedback polls and competitions about the topic or event and keep the customers engaged.

  • Getting ROI

“Return On Investment pays the rent”. Everyonestarts a business in the hope toreach break- even point soon. There may be many reasons this doesn’t happen, like bad promotion and inadequate marketing. Consequently, overdoing the marketing, with an abundance of promotions would seem desperate. Bad grammar and spelling mistakes make the blog seem unprofessional. A blog with just words is time consuming and uninteresting. It is an error to get carried away with your company’s outcome and forget that customers are more important. For eg., if you are a cricket based company, do not upload prime content at a time when football fever is on, as the ROI may reduce.  Keep in mind that to get ROI requires time and patience- miracles are not achieved in a single day!.

“Good content makes people content”. Dress up the content well and ensure that adequate videos and images are present. Use infographics and podcasts as much as possible. Keep your content and marketing centered on the customer’s needs, rather than only on your company’s interests. Make changes to your website and customer approach based on positive and negative feedback. Write blogs about topics that address customer’s queries and problems. Make your content stand out- research about the trending topics and use it to promote your company.

  • Research

“Do lots of research to find content that expands your mind!”.  Employing newbies to do the work of professionals is a serious setback- they won’t have the necessary experience. Most people do not have time and patience to research keywords that are catchy- this could cost them their revenue and clientele. Taking surveys to gain first-hand experience from people is also a type of research, which surprisingly, many people are unwilling to do. Insufficient research also makes the article seem shallow, lacking depth. Using large words, without properly understanding the meaning, is a big negative.

Dive deep into your research- for eg., if geography is the topic, find out the entire climate changes and flora and fauna of a particular region at a particular time, rather than just about the weather at that time. Locate a niche for yourself and know it inside out. Do not stretch yourself too thin and switch to other unrelated topics- for eg., a cricket page cannot have facts about footballers, just because its trending!. Divide your content writing among different employees, to avoid a brain drain. Properly research the words you use- use large words only in the correct context.


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