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Content marketing in 2019! Is it any different? Get yourself up-to-date with these 5 important tips

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Content marketing in 2019! Is it any different? Get yourself up-to-date with these 5 important tips

What is content marketing?

It is the making, distributing and marketing of relevant, clear and easily understandable content in ways that clearly attract the attention of diverse audiences, with the final objective of obtaining profits through the consumer industry. The key to good content marketing is that it makes people “want” to read it, rather than avoid it like the plague.


In the digital age of social media and networking platforms, emails have still not become redundant. The important factor is “how” to use it to your advantage. Subscribers worldwide wish to receive mails that are relevant to the topics they like, and are interested in. Furthermore, factoring in on the frequency with which they receive these emails, is also important. Emails should only contain information of value and should be brief. Another good idea is to send out online data forms, whereby the customer provides relevant information about himself and his interests. This way unnecessary information can be filtered out. An often overlooked feature of great emails, is their simplicity. With the hectic schedules that people are burdened with, conveying the message in a simple manner would drive the point home.


When we watch a video, our auditory and visual senses are both assaulted with a blend of colours and sounds. It stays in our minds much longer than a document containing texts alone would.  95% of content when watched, enters our minds, as opposed to a mere 10% when read. Videos evoke in people, a strong emotional response, which makes them want to share it to the world, thus helping content marketers. Seeing is believing, after all! First impression is always the best, hence decorating the video thumbnail with an attractive image, preferably with a smiling human, is a clear cut way to grab attention. When sharing a video on a particular platform, enable viewers to share on other social media platforms, to increase viewership and subscription. Use every opportunity to play the video in front of live audiences and make it the talk of the day.

Social media

Social media is ruling the world, to the point that people prefer being glued to their mobile phone and laptop screens, rather than going out and socializing. While this is scary, it is of huge advantage to content marketers, as their content is viewed by the second! While posting and blogging on social media, headlines are important and how catchy they are, is of priority. Use of slogans, twists and 2 liners are almost mandatory in making a post viral. Another useful hack is to change the content, video, pictures etc. slightly, with each share in a different social media platform, to avoid repetition. Identifying the target audience and posting accordingly is a primary factor. For example, posting about a famous celebrity on facebook, and about an item you wish to sell, on Quickr, is appropriate.

Paid advertising

Though irritating at times, advertisements do benefit people. Whether it is a discount in your favorite clothes shop, or a reduced price on an apartment you wish to buy, let’s face it-advertisements are useful. The first step is to make it known to the viewers that the advertisement is sponsored, through the use of labels. Three-fourths of internet users stay on the first page while browsing. Paid advertisement help to zoom in on most possible key words. It is also essential to keep in mind your personal budget, your long term and short term goal, and return on investment. Target the audience based on their age. For example, an advertisement for hip colourful bags would work with teenagers, while one for household items works well with middle-aged people.

Blogs and articles

The very fact that even this is an article, and that you as a consumer are reading it, it testimony to the importance of blogs, even in 2018. While blogging, you must be in keeping with the trends. For example, the current trend is an increase in blog length. A survey has shown that blogs take the lead in terms of marketing an idea, and customer reach. Everyone prefers to get adequate knowledge about a product before purchasing it, for which blogs are useful. The key factor in blogs is that the information should be accurate. Use as many references as possible to bring in authenticity. Piracy is frowned upon in every aspect, be it movies, or blogs. Make sure to check your document for plagiarism. Check your competitor’s blog to make yours unique and different.


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