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5 Facebook marketing errors brands need to steer clear of in 2019

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5 Facebook marketing errors brands need to steer clear of in 2019

The first impression is always the best impression and hence the absence of errors in content and marketing is a must. “To err is human, to forgive, is not!”- Customers will move away from a page with too many errors. Among the social media sites, Facebook takes the lead in popularity, with over 2 billion users. Hence, “Face Facebook before you face any other book!”. To attract customers, it is necessary to have a proper battle strategy for your marketing. It is a good idea to post every day, but this may lead to a lax in the work, and hence lead to mistakes. Correction requires time and effort, which the company cannot spare. While it might be difficult to create completely error-free posts each time, practice makes perfect. Conducting audits periodically is a good plan to ensure that your page is devoid of inaccuracies.

Not making content mobile

More than 60% of content read world wide, is done from a mobile phone. Over 80% of Facebook users access it from their mobile phones, after all- “Having a mobile is in style”. Google has clued in on this and increased the page rank of mobile-friendly pages. Making the page accessible via mobile phone is thus a priority- images need to be made to fit the screen and content should be accessible without having to zoom in and out. Broken links need to be removed and auditing done periodically. Moreover, the mobile experience also generates leads and develops brand identity. The systems need to be able to distinguish the website as being mobile. Ensure that any video you upload is compatible with the mobile device, as some licensed media are not. Help users redirect to a user friendly URL on their smart phones by setting up a server that does this.

Ignoring negative feedback

Negative feedback can be dampening, but rather than blatantly ignoring it, reply to the comment and apologize for any inconvenience, in a polite and professional manner. Even the greatest masterpieces could have room for improvement. Take advantage of criticism and aim to satisfy the customer with alternate choices- be quick with your responses. “When faced with negative feedback, show you can grow!”  Don’t defend your company aggressively, thank the critics for their thoughts- whether or not to make changes can be decided later. Deleting the negative comment negates the authenticity of the company. Take time off to personally respond to client feedback-both positive and negative. Avoid installing a robot to do the work for you- the responses become monotonous.  Another disadvantage with ignoring feedback is that customers get an impression that the company has become static and that any customer service they require would be met with the same response.  

Failing to engage audience

Do not coerce people into buying your product by filling the page with advertisements, rather convince them of the authenticity and value of your product and make them interested. Marketing should be about establishing the brand, not choking the audience with sales. “Relate to satiate”- provide customer-specific content and write about trending topics; most companies focus on their own goals and forget that the audience are the targets. Make sure your content is genuine- do not post information unless confirmed by at least 5 sources. Man is highly visual and a gaudy or too colourful theme for the page would be off-putting. Keep the font in the page simple yet attractive and professional. Limit the number of fonts used and make sure the videos uploaded fit in with the general theme of the site. Many sites do not include a feedback forum and this makes customers disinterested- “Engage to avoid their rage!”

Not using FB advertising to its full potential

The mistake most people make while marketing their content on FB is not targeting the audience. Reaching content to people to whom it is irrelevant is a huge waste of time. It is better to target specific audience- demographically (age, location etc.), interests (likes, shares) and a broader classification (married, employed etc). In view of the overall goal, many content writers forget that the keyword is most important during marketing- “Without the correct keyword, it is quite absurd!”. Do not get carried away with using complex ideas and long words in their videos and blogs in the attempt to sound sophisticated, but this is an error- “Keep it plain, that’s rather sane!”. Paid advertising on FB is a must and compared to the days without internet, is quite cheap. Copied images and posts are often unattractive and decrease the authenticity, besides, people feel “I’ve already seen that before!”- “the principal is to be original!”.

Reduced image quality

When one likes what they visualize, they don’t criticize!”.  Man is a highly visual being, and the importance of good image quality cannot be stressed more. In this digital world, the urge to upload images and the number of sites created to help this urge are increasing rapidly. Sometimes, the image clarity and aesthetics take precedence over the actual product!. Looking at a poor quality image is like seeing through water- the blur that refuses to clear. Unclear images also give a bad opinion about the company itself, decreasing sales. “Use the stage to create an image that develops your page!”- a good image can promote the website of its own accord. Images stir an emotion in the viewer and it is disadvantageous if he feels disgusted. Consequently, a clear and high-quality image will leave the customers feeling happy and have an overall good impression of the company.

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