If you’re viewing this, you are most likely an entrepreneur or an executive who does not have the time for online marketing like digital Online PR, blogging or content writing. Then, you’ve come to the right place.

You’re probably taking on many other responsibilities and there may even be days when you forget to have your lunch! While you may be an expert at multitasking, this skill alone may still not be sufficient for you to keep up with the rapid changes of a social media-ruled world, what with Facebook, Twitter etc., taking up a lot of the customer’s time.

Or maybe, you’re a marketing manager, who is flabbergasted and astounded with the daily tasks associated with social media marketing. Creating blog posts, updating your social media pages, responding to inquiries, generating leads as well as keeping up with everyday routine tasks may seem daunting to you. There surely aren’t enough hours in a day! Moreover, the tools, manpower and resources needed for such marketing would indeed be eating into your marketing budget.

In this world where technology takes precedence over everything else and people believe what they see on their smart-phones more than reality, a social media presence is important for business. This is where we come in! We are here for the express purpose of providing you with all this and much more at an incredibly reasonable and affordable cost. Call us now or reach out to us by filling in the form and we shall respond as soon as possible!. We look forward to working with you.


The Promoters of Corbelsoft Technologies are a group of technocrats and entrepreneurs with diverse industrial backgrounds who add merit to the company with their rich experience in various departments like IT, Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing and Sales.

The trainers comprise a team of experts from diverse disciplines and academic backgrounds, who provide rare insight into training in different platforms.

Our instructors are proficient in the industry, actively working in the field and are vetted not only for their excellence of knowledge, but also for their skilled teaching ability.

With a primary focus on Documentation services, Training in Technical Writing and Soft Skills, Corbelsoft Technologies has made a positive mark in the technical writing field.

About the Proprietor, Priya Ramakrishnan
With over a decade of experience in Purchase, Supply Chain Management, and Sales and Marketing space with the renowned Forbes Group, Priya Ramakrishnan is currently heading the Content, Technical Writing and Training Wing of Corbelsoft Technologies. The company’s clients include well known- names like, Gemini Systems Private Limited, Perfint Health Care, Collabera IT Services Ltd., Teknip IT Services, SANTRON Systems, Patni IT Services Ltd., and EASA College of Engineering and technology.

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